"Interview" van Nynke voor "FIM WOMEN in Motorcycling", oktober 2018


Hier een leuk stukje van Nynke op de site van FIM WOMEN in Motorcycling:


Nynke kreeg voor enige maanden geleden een mail van Susanne Neuhauser, met de vraag of zij iets over haarzelf wilde vertellen. Dit ter promotie van vrouwen in de motorsport! Tijdens het WK in Morizes mocht ze, samen met Delina en Alexandra (de andere twee vrouwelijke deelnemers aan het WK), al deelnemen aan een heuse fotoshoot. Dit ook om te laten zien, dat vrouwen wel degelijk hun mannetje staan in de motorsport.


Meet Nynke Sijbesma - 13 years-old from The Netherlands 
Grasstrack & Speedway Rider


My name is Nynke Sijbesma and I’m 13 years old. I started riding at the age of four on a PW. My whole family is into Grasstrack and Speedway. My father, Sijbe, raced in Grasstrack at national level. My mother is also very much involved in Grasstrack and Speedway: for almost two decades now, she has been official time keeper for the KNMV. She hasn’t raced on a Speedway track, but she has her own motorcycle for the road. My older brother Jeffrey (16 years old) is also a Speedway racer. He started at the age of five on a Suzuki Jr. 50cc. For me, Grasstrack and Speedway are a lifestyle. I like to race fast and I like that thrill. Before a competition I am sometimes nervous, but when I have made a few meters on a track, I forget all that.


In 2017, I raced for the first time in the European 125cc Youth Track Racing Cup Final in Torun (POL). It was a dream come true for me. In the Netherlands there are not many Speedway events, but more Grasstrack events. Last year, I wanted to race in Morizes (FRA) but I got injured in July, and therefore I was not selected by the KNMV.


This year I finished 14th in Divisov (CZE), during the European 125cc Youth Track Racing Cup Final. On on 1 September I finished 8th at the FIM Track Racing Youth Gold Trophy in Morizes (FRA). I was the fastest girl on the track that day. It was my first meeting on this track, and I loved it. The track felt good and I could race fast.


I have got a few favourite tracks, and one of them is Eenrum (NED). In April 2017 I won the 125cc class there. And since I have raced in Morizes, that has become a favourite track for me too. Because there is just one speedway track in the Netherlands were we can practice on, we must look for practice time elsewhere, in nearby countries like Germany. One of my favourite speedway tracks there is Neuenknick.


My favourite rider is SGP rider Tai Woffinden. He is my role model and my idol. But I have more favourite riders, too many to mention. In the Netherlands there are a few female Grasstrack/ Speedway riders, but most of the riders are male. But when I am on the track, I forget that I am a girl and try to give my all to defeat the boys. Some of the boys don’t like to be beaten by a girl. That gives me an extra push, because Grasstrack and Speedway are still dominated by male riders. It would be my dream to be able to race at a high international level in future, alongside the male riders.


Every day I learn more and I want to improve every time. I can ride fast, but it isn’t easy to stay at full speed in the corners. That’s something I like to work on. I have a nice racing technique, but it can always improve. And I would like to improve in Speedway. In the Netherlands we have more meetings on Grasstrack, and only one Speedway track to practice on.


During a weekend I get help from my close family. My father is my mechanic. And when my brother isn’t racing himself, he is also my helper (mechanic). My mother is the one who take pictures and videos and makes sure I get enough to drink and eat. An uncle of mine is also a mechanic in our team. When my brother and I have to race, we both have our own mechanic.


Because I am just 13 years old, I go to school. At school they know that I am a Grasstrack and Speedway rider. When I have important meetings, I can get a day off from school. At school they are also very proud of me and have a lot of respect for me racing at this level.


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